For further information regarding posters, commissions, murals, and other pleasures please email me at -

But hold on, here are some commonly asked questions That might help you out!

I see one of your posters is all sold out, will you be reprinting it?

-Unfortunately, no. All posters are limited edition screen prints. Each one is signed and numbered according to its edition size. To reprint a design would defeat this purpose.


Do you have any more Brand New / Modest Mouse posters?

-Nope, they're all gone! Sorry!


Will you print my designs?

-Nope, Sorry!


Do you ship outside of the united states?

-I do not have my online store set up for shipping out of the U.S.A. But feel free to email me an address outside of the states and I am happy to get you a quote for shipping!


How do you ship your posters?

-posters are carefully rolled and shipped via tube with plenty of foam padding inside. If you prefer your poster be shipped flat please email me. Extra Shipping may be applied.


I live in Missoula, can I avoid your shipping fees in this tiny town?

-of course! Email me what you would like to purchase and we can arrange a place to meet and get you your goods.


Do you sell test prints?

-why yes I do. However they are always changing. If you would like me to take some photos of some of my current favorites please email me.


I am looking for a poster/logo/design for my (blank). Can you help me out? and how much do you charge?

-pricing is different for every job, but I am happy to hear about your project. Shoot me an email. We can talk specifics and I can give you a quote.


Are you looking for an apprentice?

-Sorry, I am just a small one man shop. I don't have need for an apprentice at this time.


Do you screen print all of your work yourself?

-I am happy to say yes. every poster is hand printed by myself.


I am new to screen printing, Can I print at your studio?

-No. But I was once new to screen printing myself at one time, It can be very difficult at times to find the right information on the internet, specially about technical problems. Feel free to shoot me an email about any technical questions, I'd love to try and help.


What does "Twin home" mean?

-it started as a concept for a series of paintings back in college. the name stuck and the meaning didn't. your theory is probably more interesting than my explanation at this point!