Are you available for hire? I am looking for a poster/shirt/album/logo design for my (blank).


how much are your design/printing rates?

-pricing is different for every job, but I am happy to learn about your project. Shoot me an email. We can talk specifics and I can give you a quote.


Will you print something I designed?

-Nope, Sorry!

When do you ship out orders?

-I typically ship all orders out on the friday after the order was placed.

I see one of your posters is all sold out, will you be reprinting it?

-no. All posters are limited edition screen prints contracted by either the band or venue. Each one is signed and numbered according to its edition size. To reprint a design would defeat this purpose.


How do you ship your posters?

-posters are carefully rolled and shipped in a sturdy tube. If you prefer your poster be shipped flat please email me. Extra Shipping may be applied. Smaller art prints will be shipped flat.

Do you ship outside of the united states?

-YES! Currently my online store is only set up to ship to the united kingdom, United states, and canada. But, if you live elsewhere please send me an email and I can get you an accurate shipping quote to your location.

My package arrived damaged, what do I do?

-If a poster arrives damaged, email me with a photo of the damaged packaging and contents and i will get a new poster in the mail asap or issue a full refund.


Are you looking for an apprentice?

-Sorry, I am just a small one man shop. I don't have the need for an apprentice at this time.


Do you screen print all of your work yourself?

-I Pride myself as a printmaker first and an illustrator second. With that being said I try to print the majority of my prints with my own two hands.


Can I print at your studio?



What does "Twin home" mean?

-it started as a concept for a series of paintings back in college. the name stuck and the meaning didn't. your theory is probably more interesting than my explanation at this point!


What is "Twin Home Teal"?

- 1 part pantone 333c / 1 part pantone 3255C, with a touch of process yellow.


Do you actually get asked these questions frequently?